Featured Poet Spring 2020: Allen Prowle

The High Window

allen cropped


Allen Prowle was born in Aberdare in 1940. Education took him to England where he has lived ever since, without losing his ‘Cymreictod’. He began writing poetry at Sheffield University where he graduated in French. His poems have appeared in many journals, his first collection, Landmarks was published in 1973. His Europeanism explains his interest in translation; he has translated French Italian and Spanish poems, for Magma, MPT and The High Window. In 2009, MPT published his translations of Rocco Scotellaro in its first-ever single author collection. He was awarded the Stephen Spender prize for translations of Attilio Bertolucci.


Allen Prowle: Eight Poems


The purple beech has had its say for another year,
scattering its nuts upon the lawn among the Chinese rowan’s
pink pearl berries for the birds to feed on.
We’ve been here now for over thirty years and heard,
beyond the hedge…

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