Reviews: Spring 2023

The High Window



Thomas Lynch: Bone Rosary: New and Selected Poems • Aidan Andrew Dun: Vale Royal • Tony Flynn: The Heart Itself • John McKeown: Ill Nature • Alwyn Marriage: Possibly a Pomegranate •Ness Owen: Moon Jellyfish Can Barely Swim • Disbelief: 100 Russian Anti-War Poems edited by Julia NemirovskayaThe Drunken Boat: Selected Writings by Arthur RimbaudNachoem M. Wijnberg, translated from the Dutch translated by David ColmerA Companion to Contemporary British and Irish Poetry, 1960-2015 edited by Wolfgang Görtschacher and David Malcolm Jacques Darras:John Scotus Eriugena at Laon & Other Poems • John Koethe: Beyond Belief

Further recent reviews published since the previous edition

Tara Bergin:  Savage Tales • D A Prince: The Bigger Picture  •  Jules Whiting: Folding Time • Maeve McKenna: A Dedication to Drowning •

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