The Impressions of Wombwell: Stroll Tweet

1. Rain constellations bus window, cars backwash tarmac, droplets break tension ripples natural birdbath.

Squashed plastic blue pen, empty grey fag packet, lobbed lottery ticket: middle of road Spring revelation

empty black/red polystyrene Coke Zero cup circles street middle, Black/white fat cat waddles across road: life design

 After nimbus drops inhale moss like marine pool kelp after wave sea breeze fresh, glowing: Wombwell by the sea.

pigeons, spuggys shadow puppetry streets, houses.Tarmac warm shivers. Radiant windows flash mirror passing traffic

Evening spitting, growling, flaming, fluid lads/lasses on heat, short shirts tempers. This is the barbecue.

2. sunbreaking brought bling jewels from overnight rain, droplet tiaras/earrings trees, lampposts ankle bracelets.

On bus glimpse unnetted/unblinded windows massive TVs window on window on corporate images: ogle goggle boxed.

Fresh grass laundered, barbeque wafts, Rounding white clouds sky ablaze: Natural delights

cat trots downhill to bike shop. Black stringtied purse roadside. Folded bus pass at bus stop: ways home

3. Red brick houses catch breath pinioned afore storm close hunker flashwatch glower cloud roll amass. Listen.

Corvus monedula, playful Jack at roof apex rogue eyes, Chaucers ‘Daw’ away, apex grey Dove taken: roost rule

Coarse grained Millstone Grit sandstone, smooth grained Pennine Measure sandstone verb pit weathered tongue

Zoom gold world, old pump, miners lamp, glass bottles, cricket/tennis, canal boat


  kids yellow news reporters journal shreds, blue T-shirted man empties blue, pink plastic buckets in skip

Gamelan downpour, runnelled percussion,  slate rooftile gong sheen, fag packet drumbeat

4. Front yard regimented seedling pots need repotting, old green plastic box reused as plant pot: Recycling

Tiny toy bear airs pink feet, pink yard brush multi coloured handle beside one brown handle black wired

graffiti white chalk ‘donkey’ on red brick, stone house side glows yellow rape shines in green: golden hour

barely birdcall deep morning breath grey sky waiting…waiting…suncrash wake up call to action

Gardens horizon hedge leaves twitch animal prowl or raindrop down breeze blown alive under hunkered grey

High Street market traders van unload tightly packed clothes thin paper/geological layers: future treasure

My quest to find the marvellous each day
out of the daily commute and nothing to say
It is as it should be no more or less
Life surprises


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