A Friend

told me married life is one bag of fish and chips and two forks, a freewheel on rubber wheels down a steep street, finding a hidden way through, the surprise of a big real wood hide with wide windows on to bird chatter mirrored in a flash where old mine workings were forcibly removed, a rare orange beaked Oystercatcher strides waterside scratches it’s existence on a shore with feet and beak water washes away, a seventy two year old man who says he walked it despite two heart attacks, diabetes, eye operations and a hole in his side and working on the six railway sidings they made into a lake, a steady walk with heavy bike down scree soiled hill to the removed railway now a bike, dog and pram trail, a haul up the hill to shops and last minute purchases, a stroll through heated gravestones and uphill to home. Married life should be a tale of friends, laughter, discovery and stories for later.

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“My Summer Town Zoom” kindly published by G. Jamie Dedes in The Poet By Day

“My Summer Town Zoom” kindly published by Jamie in The Poet By Day

“as you take the road to Paradise” … and other poems by reader poets in response to last Wednesday’s prompt https://jamiededes.com/2017/05/30/as-you-take-the-road-to-paradise-and-other-poems-by-reader-poets-in-response-to-last-wednesdays-prompt/ via @JamieDedes