American Poet: R. Bremner

The High Window



R. Bremner has written of incense, peppermints, and the color of time since the 1970s, in such venues as The High Window, International Poetry Review, Poets Online, Jerry Jazz Musician, Paterson Literary Review and 1979’s Passaic Review (alongside Allen Ginsberg). Ron has published eight books of poetry, including Hungry Words (Alien Buddha Press), and thirteen eBooks. He has thrice won honors in the Allen Ginsberg awards. He features in many spots, including New York’s Bowery Poetry Club.Ron lives with his beautiful sociologist wife, son, and dog Ariel in wonderful Northeast New Jersey.



‘Although I wrote my first poem at the seashore when twelve years old, I wrote exclusively (very bad) fiction until my mid-twenties, when an apocalypse of poetry struck, aided by poverty and failed relationships. As a taxicab driver, many opportunities and occasions for poems were happening all around, so fast that I could hardly keep…

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