The Scryer of Wombwell (August 1467)

I have committed heresy
Scrying the place of stolen goods
Through this crystal stone
And thus burn these pages
In repudiation.

I must lead procession in churches
York, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley
Wearing these paper notices ‘Behold
the Soothsayer’, ‘Invoker of Spirits’.

Invoker of Christ and the angels
From these burning pages

Through this virginal twelve year old boy
who holds an engraved crystal stone.

A crystal engraved with the secret
Names of God a sacred clear stone
That takes our questions to angels
who answer our earthly enquiries.

I said to the angels ‘Saye me trewe,
chylde, what man, what woman,
or what childe hase stolne yis thing,
and shewe me thyng in his hand’

Books are rare but must burn
Only permitted words allowed
They have been lenient.
I could have burned as these pages.

My name is William Byg, or Lech
Of Wombwell and the year fourteen sixty seven. The lords
Of Wombwell are happy with their recovered goods.

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