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when the wrinkles arrive. Life sped up,

like it’s been injected with giddy up


Your friends die off week by week.

Every day another pain in your legs,

arms, hands.

You eat less and less, nap more and

more. Life’s a rush like you wished

it would be in your twenties. Now

it makes you wonder how you found

time to go to work and bring up bairns.

And afore your watery eyes folk rush

past as if they rung see thee, like tha

invisible and its all tha can do to not

shart, “Aye up, av not gone yet tha

knows” and wake up middle of street.

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When the billionaire said

“I am the voice of the people. Everyone who disagrees is an enemy of the people”,

“We are the voice of the people,” said the media.

The people were mute. They heard voices who said they were their voice. Their voice had been stolen, again. The people were mute, wooden and on stage in a little booth that said above it “The Punch And Judy Show”..

Do Squat

never get up off your fat arse

to do owt. Leave it to some other

gullible sod to do your dirty work,

molly coddle your idle spine

in “Never mind, love. I’ll do it for you.”

while you ogle the goggle box

legs up on the soffee, hands in a bag

of crisps, or round a glass of cheap

plonk, or pawing choccies out of the box.

Let other sorry sods work and strive

and let you skim their profit and sweat.


via Daily Prompt: Squat

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17 May

 Time Is A – kindly published by Julie in Sacred Chickens

Sacred Chickens

12 May

“Cleaner” kindly published by Jason in Literati Magazine
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09 May

Two poems kindly featured “Eclipsing Rainbows” and other poetic responses to last Wednesday’s prompt via @JamieDedes

08 May

“I Must Get Rid”. Thanks to Tasha for publishing in Inbetween Hangovers via @wordpressdotcom

06 May

“Her Life” kindly published by Ray Alez in Fiction Hub
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05 May

“My Mam Is Nothing If” ever grateful for publication by Visual Verse

03 May

Many thanks to Kathy Kieth of Medusa’s Kitchen for featuring seven of my poems


“New Folk (From ‘My Maths’ chapbook #Dyscalculia)” featured thankyou to Jake in The Creative Cafe


02 May

“Your Damned Anthropocene” kindly featured by Jamie G. Dedes

“Wonderlust Rain Forest” … poems and other works by readers in response to Wednesday’s Writing Prompt via @JamieDedes

“You Should Be” kindly published in The Wrytr. Thankyou Efe.

“This Is How It Is (From ‘My Maths’ chapbook, #Dyscalculia)” featured in “Misplaced Identity”. Thankyou Zac.

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01 May

“All The Girls” published in Poetry Under Cover. Thankyou Marika.

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“Numbers” (From “My Maths” chapbook) kindly published by Jason Stelzner in Literati Magazine

Thankyou to Main Dude for publishing “Gabriel’s Hounds” on page 28 of the latest edition of “Typewriter Emergencies”


26 April 2017

“Don’t Know Zip” kindly published by Zac in Misplaced Identities
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“Picked Apple Falls Hard On Him” featured by Jamie Dedes in
“Parable of the Red Birds” and other poems by poets in response to last Wednesday’s Writing Prompt via @JamieDedes

25 April 2017

“Fingers” Grateful to Terijo for publishing in new endeavour “Poetry Under Cover”

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22 April 2017

Three Poems kindly published by Janet in the outstanding Communicator’s League via @wordpressdotcom

18 April 2017

Many Thanks to Jamie Dedes featuring two of my poems

“One of My Tomorrows” and other poems in response Wednesday Writing Prompts via @JamieDedes

Many thanks to Klaus at the great Outlaw Poetry for publishing five poems

15 April 2017

“The Bomb Baby” kindly published by Renee S in Literati Magazine

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Three Poems featured in “The Bezine”. Thankyou Jamie and Michael via @TheBeZine

14 April 2017

“Something Is” published in “The Wrytr”. Thankyou Efe.

“The Withered Stump” kindly featured by Tasha in  Inbetween Hangovers via @wordpressdotcom

13 April 2017

Grateful to Anisio for featuring “A Timely” on his website. via @anisionogueira

Very pleased that “My Strangers” has been published in Literati Magazine. Thankyou Renee S.

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12 April 2017

“March (From ‘Word Hoard’ chapbook)” kindly published by Heath in Literally Literary

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softly speaking … and other poems by readers features “Not Good” . Thankyou Jamie via @JamieDedes

11 April 2017

“Redemption Claimed” kindly featured by Renee S in Literati Magazine.

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10 April 2017

“April (Word Hoard Calendar)” published in Literally Literary. Many thanks Jess

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“This Desk Is A” kindly published by Efe in The Wrytyr

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09 April 2017

Zombie Logic Review: Poetry For Outsiders and Outlaws: English Outlaw Poet Paul Brookes

“Let Go” kindly featured by Duane in Poetree.

07 April 2017

“You Are There” kindly featured in Visual Verse.

05 April 2017

“Fresh Rots Soonest” Thankyou to Heath for publishing in Literally Literary.
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04 April 2017

Many thanks to Anisio for featuring “Prudent”

“The Elephantquake” wonderfully featured by the talented Jamie Dedes in Poetry By Day

THE ELEPHANTQUAKE and other poems by readers …

03 April 2017

“Un Poems” Thankyou to Terijo for publishing these in Literally Literary

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02 April 2017

“Unexpected Breath (Four Vacanas)” kindly featured by Rachel in Poetry In Form.

Poetry Month #2: “Firewedding” Kindly published by Miriam in Miriam’s Well via @MiriamSagan

01 April 2017

Many thanks to Frank Murphy for featuring four of my poems in Home Planet News Online 4

31 March 2017

“The Symbolism Isn’t”  published by kind Terijo in Literally Literary

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“We Shouldn’t Wonder” Warmly grateful to Renee S for publishing in Literati Magazine.

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“Vincent” kindly published by Renee S in Literati Magazine

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30 March 2017

Kindly Renee S. published “The Template (Seven Poems)” in Literati Magazine .

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29 March 2017

“O, Lady Of The Breath (Four Vacanas)” kindly published by Rachel in Poetry In Form

Terijo kindly published “Galileo” in Literally Literary Thanks to @Darrieb

28 March 2017

“The Moon” kindly featured by Jamie Dedes: Dreaming of the Moon … poets respond to last Wednesday’s Writing Prompt via @JamieDedes

27 March 2017

“Our Mam’s Potpourri” warmly grateful to Heath of Literally Literary
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24 March 2017

“The Orcud Sod” kindly published by Tasha in Inbetween Hangovers via @wordpressdotcom

23 March 2017

Krishna kindly published “RSPH OldMoor” in “Thoughts And Ideas”

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Many thanks to Reuben for publishing “A Bridge” in “I Am Not A Silent Poet” via @ReubenWoolley

“Rain Is Sweat (From ‘A World Where’ chapbook)” kindly published in Literally Literary by Jessica

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22 March 2017

Thankyou to Anisio Luiz Nogueira for publishing “Minimal” via @anisionogueira

21 March 2017

“Work For The Answer” featured in DELVING DEEP … Poets respond to last Wednesday’s Writing Prompt. Many thanks Jamie. via @JamieDedes

20th March 2017

“Unlife” kindly published in Literati Magazine by Renee S

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19th March 2017

Thankyou to The Bees Are Dead Triumvirate for publishing my “Disease”!/story.php?story_fbid=693513927512604&id=511415359055796&__tn__=%2As

18 March 2017

“A Black Bead I” kindly published by Jake in The Creative Cafe

16 March 2017

Ever grateful to Jake who has published “Spring Of Breath” in The Creative Cafe

14 March 2017

“We Must Avoid” kindly featured by Jamie Dedes.
From Older-Self to Younger-Self … Four poems in response to the last Wednesday’s Writing Prompt via @JamieDedes

Thankyou to Scott for publishing at Wish Poetry three of my poems: Low Murmur Rising via @NostroviaPoetry

13 March 2017

Very grateful to Dai for publishing “Taught To Treat All” in Your One Phone Call via @wordpressdotcom

Many thanks to Julie of Sacred Chickens for publishing “Liberation”

Sacred Chickens

07 March 2017

“Would It Were That Easy” in response to last Wednesday’s writing prompt featured by the remarkable Jamie Dedes in “The Poet By Day”. Ever grateful, Jamie. via @JamieDedes

06 March 2017

Grateful to Rachel for publishing “Evening” in Poetry In Form

Jessica has kindly published “She Is Seen As Unseen” in Literally Literary Thanks to Jason Stelzner too.

03 March 2017

Rachel kindly published “Selfied (Senryu)” in “Poetry In Form”

“Our Mobiles” kindly published by Reuben Woolley in his “I Am Not A Silent Poet” via @ReubenWoolley

Thankyou to outstanding @visual_verse for publishing my Ekphrastic poem “The Hand”

“What’s My” kindly published by Tasha of Inbetween Hangovers via @wordpressdotcom

02 March 2017

Thankyou to Jake for accepting “The Knit” into The Creative Cafe

27th February 2017

Jessica kindly accepted “Death Is (From ‘A World Where’ chapbook)” for Literally Literary

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26th February 2017

Thankyou to Fiction Hub for accepting “Bro Ken Wa Tch”

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25th February 2017

Thankyou Jake for publishing my “The Killed Give Birth (From ‘A World Where’ Chapbook)” in The Creative Cafe

21st February 2017

Thankyou to Jamie Dedes for featuring my poem “To Biddy”

Imagining the Divine Feminine…four poems by reader-poets in response to last Wednesday’s Writing Prompt

Jessica kindly accepted into “Literally Literary” my “The Celestial Hovel (An Illustrated Folktale In Seven Poems)”

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“The Coffeelicious” has kindly accepted  “A City In His Pocket”

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20th February 2017

My Ekphrastic poem “I, Upside Down” appeared in February edition of Visual Verse.

Renee S published “Afternoon Like Half A Pint Of Mild” in Literati Magazine Thankyou Renee

19th February 2017

Renee and Jason kindly published “Bairns Are Old Codgers (From ‘A World Where’ chapbook)” Thanks to Jason Stelzner

Grateful to Krishna accepting “Order Of My Senses: My Senses Day (From ‘A World Where’ chapbook)” into “Thoughts And Ideas”

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17th February 2017

“Biddy And The Young God” kindly published by Kate in Issue 12 of “Three Drops From The Cauldron”

Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue 12 (February 2017)

Andy published “My Bird’s Edge (Advisory: contains language that may offend)” in “Chalkboard” Thanks to Emily Roberts

16th February 2017

Many thanks to Renee S . who has published  “In Answer To His Question” in Literati Magazine

Andy kindly accepted “Spindle” into “Chalkboard”

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15th February “Married”

“Married” accepted by The Creative Cafe. Thankyou, Jake.

14th February 2014 “When Beaast Comes Over Thee”

Thankyou to Jamie Dedes for featuring my response to The Poet By Day Wednesday Writing Prompt

Three by Readers In Response to Wednesday’s Writing Prompt – Bravo! – Renne Espiru, Paul Brooks and Sonja Benskin Mesher

13th February 2017

Rachel has kindly accepted “How To Cope With Everyday Stress Haiku” for “Poetry In Form”

Jake kindly accepted “I Can’t Make Neither” for The Creative Cafe

Jessica has accepted “In Full Light She Asks Every Lover To Read Her Skin Differently” for Literally Literary

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Thanks to Renée S “Starved” has been published in Literati Magazine Thanks to @ThePoetryTree

“Biddy And The Young God” to appear in issue 12 of “Three Drops From The Cauldron”

11th February 2017

Krishna accepted “Age Is Youth (From “A World Where” chapbook into “Thoughts And Ideas”. Thankyou, Krishna.
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Paul Brookes’ ‘We Wait for Sick Sunblaze to’ is an ode to darkness – and a critique of light in comparison – which manages to transcend the usual tawdry and overtly-gothic glorifications that poets often sink into. Brookes speaks of darkness in a way that makes the reader feel as though it were usurped; deposed and bereft of the credit it deserves – for life and love’s intensity are born from dark rooms; where light brings pain, age and death.
The last third of this poem is particularly poignant, I feel; when Brookes’ Copernican revolution of the light/dark dichotomy takes a turn for the theological that could be taken as either highly blasphemous, or a profoundly pious and honest form of doxology…
Let us know what you think below!
– The Bees Are Dead Triumvirate

Many thanks to the superb “The Bees Are Dead” for publishing my “We Wait For Sick Sunblaze To”!/story.php?story_fbid=665738816956782&id=511415359055796

9th February 2016

Thankyou to Duane for publishing my “A Competence” in his stunning “Poetree”

24th January 2017 “The Says”

Thankyou to Rachel for accepting three of my poems using cinquains for Poetry In Form

19th January 2017 “Delicious Concrete”

Thankyou Tasha for also publishing this via @wordpressdotcom

14th January 2017

Thankyou to Julie for publishing my illustrated six part poem “His Fridge Door Their Mausoleum” in Sacred Chickens

12th January 2017

“Hawthorn Blossom Scents Air” published by Visual Verse.

8th January 2017

Very grateful that Robert of Poems-For-All has agreed to publish “In The Nod Of This” It’s  PFA #1573.

3rd January 2017

” Her To and Fro” kindly published by The Drunken Llama via @wordpressdotcom

2nd January 2017

V. grateful to The Drunken Llama for publishing my poem
“You’re Always Where I Want To Be.” via @wordpressdotcom

1st January 2017 Thankyou to Eratio for publishing “Gustbrain, gustmind” on page 72 of their issue 23.

1st January “Weather” kindly published by Tasha at Inbetween Hangovers via @wordpressdotcom

Many thanks to Nixes Mate for publishing two of my poems in their latest issue: “You Find Yourself” and “A Winter”

31st December 2016 “The Elephant”

Many thanks to Lorette of The Ekphrastic Review for publishing my poem “The Elephant”

27th December

Thankyou to Silver Birch Press for publishing my poem “Flatcap”

26th December 2017

Thankyou to Ray of Fiction Hub who has just published my poetic prose “The Gift”

View at

26th December 2016

Many thanks to Effervescent for publishing my poem “Late Sweetness” in their third issue

19th December 2016

Thankyou to Hannah and Rusty for publishing my poem “She Is Forgetting Him”

Thankyou to Duane for publishing my poem
“On The Face Of It”

6th December 2016

Thankyou to “Open Mouse” for publishing my poem ” A Wonder” via @wordpressdotcom

6th December 2016

Very grateful to Duane for publishing a poem of mine: Subtext

25th November 2016 Chanter

Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue Eight

24th November 2016 Immigrant Tongues

22nd November 2016 I’m Just About

13th November 2016

Red Fez published “Am I Made”

10th November 2016 Mrs. Anon

8th November 2016

Thankyou to Ben Banyard for publishing three of my poems on his site Clear Poetry


7th November 2016

Thankyou to High On Poems for publishing my poem “A Winter”

4th November 2016 After Receiving Your Hot Note

26th October 201 Cremains

Limbs With Pears

Some Days I Am Young And Rave

Paul Brookes

13th October 2016

Cadair Lodge recommended “The Gold”

10th October 2016 Poem published by Cadair Lodge Magazine


6th October 2016 “My Hubby Has A Prince Albert” and “Man Enough” published by Beatnik Cowboy

Paul Brookes

4th October

Thankyou to “The Beatnik Cowboy” for accepting my poem “A Handshake”

Paul Brookes

26th September 2016 The World Is An Abbatoir

Thankyou to Kate Garrett for publishing my poem “Chanter” in Vol. Eight of “Three Drops From The Cauldron”

22nd September 2016

Received this message from Chris Butler, an editor of “The Beatnik Cowboy”

“We have decided to publish all 3 of your poems – “Beside Yourself” and “Immortality” are currently on the website. But “Spermbot Blues”, one of my favorite submissions this year, will be featured along with your other poems in our 2nd Best Of print issue.”

21st September 2016 Burning Issue

21st September Beside Yourself

Paul Brookes

15th September 2017

Poems “Rabbit’s Head Winter” and “BEATMASTER DROOPEE’S TOP TEN” are currently published online at The Beatnik Cowboy

Paul Brookes

14th September 2016 Why, Dad?


it is said make us more aware than ever

of happenings in the world. News

is ongoing, a stream we choose to stand

in, our senses edit the edited flow, step

out when we choose. Heraclitus

is ascribed, “You cannot look twice

at the same river; for fresh waters are

ever flowing in.” and “We look and do

not look at the same rivers; we are,

and we are not.” Awareness, it seems.

via Daily Prompt: Aware