half life half work ha

lf aware
in half light
everyone else
is whole
and whole hearted

half heartedly
half inclined
to half agree

half heavy
half hurt
half sore
half cry

half in love
half in hate
all by halves
half life

is a game
of two halves
half assed
half a job
with half a heart

half an eye
on others
half a mind
half drugged
half drunk

half man
half woman
half old
half young

half breath
half blood
half skin

half angel
half demon
half bothered

half believe
half a home
half a bed
half alone

half want
half wish
half need

half laugh
half smile
half frown

half hope
half desire
half death
is half truth

White Elephants Need Colouring In

Restore my faith in what note,
as I climb the stairs
of arboreal crustaceans of words

mouthed through the clear glass
of the winter gardens
as I chow down on my flat earth pizza,

see kids wander with parents
finding white elephants
under the tropical shrubbery,

and paint their designs
on the elephant, name him,
so it is all displayed

beneath the clear glass
arches for a children’s hospital
charity. O, how my words fail.