In Answer To His Question (Complete)


she pulls at the loose thread,
dries the pots on the draining board

hoovers the stray seed under the cage,
wipes the dusty blinds then raises them.

“I’m happy,” she tells him.


She sharpens her cheekbones,
creates light
diagonal from side of her nose
up to outer corner of her eye.
Light shade of concealer along the upper edges.
Matte bronzing powder under the bones
increases their height
for him.
“What do you think?”
she asks.


She takes a hair out of his eye,
brushes dandruff from his collar,

loosens his tie, undoes top button
and second button of his shirt,

tidies the creases in his jacket,
pats dust off his shoulders,

and says “You look dapper, now”,
as her fingers tuck her hair behind
her perfumed ear.


She can still sense musk
she put on her neck earlier.

“I’ve got something in my eye.
Can you see it? You’ll have to
move closer.”

Her lace bra strap somehow comes loose.

“This shoe’s killing me. Foots hard and I’ve been too long in the saddle. Not invading your space, love. But can I use your shoulder while I straighten it out. ”


blackbird jams to himself on the non smoking chimney pot,

bright day emerges dazed,
officers still haven’t found her body,

bluebells appear for the first time
along the railway embankment.

in the display window the bread is burnt,
she lets him touch her breast,
his hand stays there.


The rains do not stop.
A ladder in her stockings

has rungs that multiply
when she crosses her legs.

His vape is losing flavour.
The little girl laughs as she leaps

the lines in the pavement.
He has used 80% of power
on his mobile.

An ant traverses breaks
in the concrete. The questioner
ogles the line of the waitresses legs
not hers
“Stop looking at her legs. You pervert.”


She crosses her legs
towards him:
the river in spate,
astroturf on the graves
needs a short back and sides.

She crosses her legs
away from him:
dust piles in forgotten corners,
babies lose their comfort blankets,
petals fall from the table vase.


She separates items on her plate. Peas
from carrots, meat

from mash. Hot
from cold.
“How young we were when you asked me.”

She folds her paper napkin into a crane
that nods.
She fold his into a T shirt.
“You’ve got to look in the right place.”


The waitress in a tiny black dress
has brought their food.
His hands are so soft and gentle as he picks up the cold knife and fork,
she can only imagine the worst of it.

And decades ago:
A little girl in a gingham dress
rushes after a Yorkshire Terrier
who’s strayed on the railway line.
A little boy reaches over the shining
pool full of his grandad’s new
golden koi carp.

There were screams then, too.

“This mash is nice.” she says.


Her wetwipe removes the gravy stain on his trousers,
“You’d never make a good criminal.” she says.

At the other meal stains and crumbs are intentional.

Temptation is the first course.
Lure the innocent full spoon
with a promise or an adventure
into the quiver of a mouth .

The Act the main.
Unexpected threat.
Taste the screams.

Savour the dessert.
Admire the sweet iced silence
and/or the blood.

Coroners always so kind:”Death by Misadventure”

“Can’t take you anywhere. You’re worse
than a kid.” she says.


Her late son and daughter’s tender portraits
in the rare bloody meat on his plate,
arranged as when a child makes faces with its food.

His knife and fork separate threads
of their sinew and bone:

One bloated as if drowned.
The other in pieces as if smashed
by a speeding train.

Life defined by what is missing.

And then she sees
her own face there.

“Don’t play with your food. Eat it properly.” she scolds.

He makes her face in the meat smile


She tuts when he slaps his chops
and pulls at the strands of young life

caught between his incisors
and molars with his silvered tongue,

slurps bright cold beer from his pint glass,
mashes peas into mash, carrots

into Yorkshire pudding, oblivious
to what goes where and with what.

“All meets up in the same place, love”
she comments and laughs

and sees their graves
all in a row like teeth.


He always sups 11 pints of beer,
then stops. Has to reach

a certain level to be happy.
Their car is left at the pub.

She makes sure he gets home safely.
When they can’t afford a taxi,

she oversees his wander:
into the road of fast cars,

other people’s gardens to piss,
pokes him with her finger

to rouse his slumber,
and yanks a bush over himself
as if it were a bed blanket.

“Go onto half’s,” she recommends.
So he buys two halves, instead of a pint.


She smirks as he wipes his sloppy mouth with her origami napkin t shirt,
leaves a brown stain on the shirt sleeves,
slurps his ninth pint.

Watches him leer at the catwalking long legged, black stockinged
waitress in her tiny black dress as she carries his hot apple pie

and custard, and places before him
with a seductive, pouted “Enjoy.” to his face,

and her cold fresh fruit salad.
She unfolds her origami napkin crane,

lays it on her lap, pauses an orange segment before her dry mouth:

“We’re walking home tonight.”, she announces.


Sips her black filter coffee as he downs
his last two pints and winks

at the waitress.
Outside it is a slight cold evening

he stumbles into the road
and raucous horns of drivers.

He dilly dallies, messes with his trousers.
She sees an Artic. gear toward him.

Rushes to…and is held back by the tiny cold hands of a little girl in a gingham

dress and a little boy.
“I can’t. My kids.” she shouts.

He screams. She watches the lorry kill him,
and the kids hands leave her.

Her dead kids disappear
into the sweet iced silence.


She stands in front of his tooth
of a gravestone. Cuts back the weeds,

scrubs the cheap Yorkshire stone.
She only puts roses on her little boy

and girl’s graves as a thankyou.
“I’m happy.” she tells them.

She Is Seen As Unseen

keeps to the dark of the tides,
so he keeps away from the riverside.

Every time she moves inland,
he wishes to be better lit.
Her breaths are not hidden.
Whisper arousal,
a swan’s wing away from brokenness.


Historically the town has never been flooded.
River height engineered low as if an anger
held in check by self control.
Night to him is when the streets sway under water, like weed.

And in the day
the lap of dark castor fibers gnaw willowbark
at water’s edge, loosen sense so if the rains
come as before he will have no defence
in the deluge.

Her lightless body will smother
every hole in his body. He will
gasp for air, lungs so painful
he must find light to breathe.


A harsh click. He imagines a moorhen,
then sees a brusque robin,
red chest on a white gargoyle
in a neglected garden,

with a mossy fence and high weed,

“A swinging brick for a heart.
Ericathus rubicula. Robin, love.”
declares a woman in rollers
and black cat onesie
when she crosses his path
to put out a recycling bin.


“Come in for a coffee. I’ve just brewed up.”
“On my way to work.”
“Call on your way home. I’ll be in.”
“I don’t know you.”
“You have an interest in birds is all I need to know ”
“I could be a stalker. What’s your mobile number?”
“Don’t mess with those. Google means go,ogle.Portable masturbation devices, bit of vibration, bit of titillation. I rather ogle what’s around me. Get a feel, if I can. Who would stalk this?”
She models her rollers, onesie and Muppet slippers.


He calls at her home after work,
to see a slim blonde spray tanned
young woman knelt down in tight pink
short shorts, and crop top plunge
a bright trowel
into the hard

weedful soil.
“Hi.” she says “I’m Raquel.”

“Kate said you might pop by.
So I said I give you a head
start. Shouldn’t have got my
nails done. Blonde for a reason, eh!”

He sees the dark tide rise
in her pale blue eyes
hears the swan’s wing.


A shout from the front door.
“Aye, my bush needs a trim.
You up to it?”
“Kate. You’ll scare him off.”
They laugh out loud.
He grins.

A little boy beside Kate
looks bemused.
“This is Jacob.
Raquel’s mistake.
Go shake the man’s
hand, then.” she pushes
Jacob toward him.

“Come on in. Can’t have
the neighbours saying
I’m not sociable,
and I’m sure you’ve ogled
enough of Raquel’s nature
for now. Jacob, get in
you little scamp.”



a naked mole rat,
a penis with teeth,

live for 500 years,
hardly age, remain fit
healthy, robust heartbeat,
strong bones, sharp mind,
high fertility, don’t feel pain,
elasticky skin that’s makes me cancer-proof,

a jellyfish, slippery,
sink to ocean floor,
fold in on myself,
regenerate back into a baby,
old cells transform into young cells.

a hummingbird at 1000 wingbeats
a minute who never decays,

pearl mussel larvae in Atlantic salmon gills
mop up pro age particles,

a lobster that repairs tips
of its own DNA,

a nanobot forever in your veins,
cleans,maintains your body
replaces organs when they fail,

or uploads your memories,
desires in another you 2.0.

I’ve The Errand Of A Fool

I don’t know what it is.
I live the life of a Riley.

My foot is less than twelve inches.
My yard ends abruptly at my lawn.

I take a mile and move an inch.
I have no basket for my eggs.

I have no cupboards for my fat.
What cupboards I possess are bare.

I’ve never known the fat end of the wedge.
My face stays the same despite the gust
changing direction.

The Merlot His Roman Nose Approves of

as she discreetly plays with her borrowed cold silver necklace and prays he can’t tell

she has sprayed herself with a copy

of a more expensive fragrance.

The fifth dress she tried on was her choice

for the evening, bought in a rush

from the recently opened vintage shop on her break
from processing the newest batch of refugees for deportation.

Life Goals For The Enlightened

Life passion to be the best
driven to identify potential sales opportunities, meet sales targets.
Good aim is useful
and sense of direction,
map reading, criminal profiling.

Genuine enthusiasm for delivering exceptional customer service,
offering your body if necessary,
while driving sales of innovative products
like heaven, nirvana, true phenomenonology and angelic and demonic services is essential.
If you can’t drive don’t sit behind the wheel.

Ability to communicate easily,
effectively with customers,
match our products
to their needs, sexual and social.


Technology Always Misses A Sense

Write blind to your correspondents
bodily expressions, verbal nods
and grimaces.

Write deaf to the intonations
of what they actually meant.

Write unable to shake their hands,
hug in condolence. Kiss politely.

Inhale the fragrance
of their homes or themselves.

Taste the food
they cook to welcome you to their home.

the distance between imagination
and reality, the marketed illusion.

Don’t Worry There’s Light At The Start Of The Tunnel

fades away into darkness
further in you go.

Darkness is good,
move away from the sunburn
and cancer and headaches
boil over and need to gip.

Wishes are at the top of wells,
place your money there,
only ill water sloshes
at the well bottom.

Only by your own effort
can you draw up the water
to make it fresh
clean and drinkable.