I Tells Him

tha wanna get some TN’s
in, man. It’ll not be well for him
if he’s not got none in colour
I like. Silver and blue.

Won £160 quid, man,
on the spin. Could see
the numbers dropping.
I knew what numbers
were coming up next, yeh.

Lost £200 on horses.
I’ll try to get another grant.
Might get those TN’s.

Three probation officers
drilling me, man. I broke
the tag. It were dragging.
I was going to be had up
for criminal damage, yeh.
But when I were convicted
of armed robbery,
first conviction was quashed.

These trainers, man, just
turn your foot and its
like all these colours,
ultraviolet, and all those
blues. Trainers, man, yeh.

You’re About As Much Use As

a chocolate fireguard, teapot,
or fender, an icecream sofa, a dry sea
or wet towel, glass hammer,

waterproof teabag, newspaper
raincoat or umbrella, lead parachute, ashtray kop on a motorbike,

handbrake on a canoe,
vote in a dictatorship,
loudhailer to a deaf mute,
grief at a wedding,

a condom in a monastery.
an inflatable dartboard,
a spoon in a knife-fight,
screen door on a submarine

pockets on a lettuce
tits on a fish, lolly pop van in Hell
a one-legged man in an arse
kicking competition,

this poem.