Wombwell Strolls 3

Red brick houses catch breath pinioned afore storm close hunker flashwatch glower cloud roll amass. Listen.

Corvus monedula, playful Jack at roof apex rogue eyes, Chaucers ‘Daw’ away, apex grey Dove taken: roost rule

Coarse grained Millstone Grit sandstone, smooth grained Pennine Measure sandstone verb pit weathered tongue

Zoom gold world, old pump, miners lamp, glass bottles, cricket/tennis, canal boat


kids yellow news reporters journal shreds, blue T-shirted man empties blue, pink plastic buckets in skip

Gamelan downpour, runnelled percussion, slate rooftile gong sheen, fag packet drumbeat

Cemetery oaks cast speckled veil on stone houses, fence slat shade zebra pavement: big shadow morning

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