T’ Doar, The Window, T’Floar, The Wall

Put wud int t’oyle keep gust art
A way in, a way out, an entrance, an exit, life, death, a person with two faces like a coin, Janus, New Yr.

Thy are a pane. See reight thru thee.
A window. An eye on your soul. A frame of reference, of mind, on how others live, a mirror when dark.

Put thee feat ont floar wheir t’belong.
A floor. A steady surface from which to rise from. Growing place for flesh and root. Earthquake home

Hold thee sen up. Thas plastered. A wall. How to divide, ignore, privatise. Graffiti home. How to hide, not listen,
How to be safe.

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The Work Morning

Drink the cold black tea kindly brought for you, you left to go cold
Open the blinds when she has gone
Compare the weather with a forecast.

Switch off the bedside light now there is some natural light. Carry the tea mugs downstairs and put in washing bowl. Let water run till hot.

Pour out fresh orange juice and cereal. Cut wholemeal teacakes in half
and use a knife to coat them in cheese spread. Cut teacakes in half.

Put foil sandwich packet in plastic box and that in work bag, with a bag of crisps, breakfast biscuits, banana, Satsuma, flask containing one teabag.

Place work bag on armchair before front door, place keys in front door lock. Drink orange juice, wash pots, eat cereal, check watch, clean teeth.

Switch Radio Two on for budgie and parrot, check they have enough food and water, and same for black and ginger cat. Check work swipe card.

Check time on mobile. Relieved no run for bus today. Walk downhill turn right, then uphill to bus stop. Step back for paper boy’s freewheeling bike.

Bus comes downhill. Hand signal bus to stop. Stopped, get on, use swipe travel card.Say ‘Morning.’ He says ‘Right. mate.’
Sit down and write twenty minutes.

Under footbridge press ‘Stop’ buzzer. Alight and five minute walk to work building. Scramble in pocket for work swipe card. Use card on swing doors.

Wait in queue for coffee machine. Check correct money in pocket. Touch screen with for correct coffee strength. Enter money. Retrieve plastic top for cup.

When buzzer sounds and image of imaginary full cup being retrieved shows
retrieve cup and snap on top. Carefully
hold as carry down corridor, double doors.

At entrance to work unit, check mobile messages, then switch it off. Use work swipe card to get on to work unit. Place
coffee carefully on desk. Find chair.


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Invisible Town, Invisible Mother, Invisible Father

An invisible mother walks
down an invisible street
searches for invisible sons
and daughters.

An invisible father looks on.

Poor & Scavengers live in metal
skips on unwanted, superfluous items,
cupboards, sofas, tables, chairs, books
second mouth food & drink.

An invisible future is lived day by day.
An imagined past could be real
as morsels of food found.
An invisible life in the moment.

The Unwarranted Delight

A smile wants to be on my face.
I am not sure. I want to know
Why it had to ask at all
And not just happen
As it usually does?

Can I redeem my inaction as the rainbow
At my door glows through my letterbox.
Hope is to be allowed in
Rainbow knocks.
I am unsure of strange rainbows.

Happiness threatens to overwhelm.
I do not like being bullied
Even by good things.
I must teach it to offer itself politely
No rough housing

Autumn is season
When for no good reason
a fluttering in the stomach
a lifting of the heart
as if you have a crush
on nothing in particular

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The Business Language Seduction

A caress would reasonably be considered
to constitute a warmth.

Outline the curves of thought
Including but not limited
to a kiss along

a kiss along
the roundness of an idea
part the differing but similar paths
to explore a third way

Appropriate action will
be taken raising a request
to the service desk
including but not limited to
a move within the body of a thought

And in the heat of consideration,
the sighs of deliberation
whether satisfactory or not
an accommodation by each body
of thought be reached

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