The Impressions of Wombwell 2

Circular torquoise baby traveller leans against wall beside blue & green recycling bins: outgrown its use

Young man, pink card factory bag massive metallic blue balloon gets bus in soaking wet: everyone smiles

Parkered Cemetery Openers toy Yorkshire Terrier tartan coated in downpour trots beside her: only watter

On wooden garden table/bench, nest terracotta/black plastic plant pots, behind Bakers glass bread sheen

white wooden door atop rammed yellow skip, blue mattress, wardrobe, table, worn tires : broken world portal

internal curved mirror raindrop stores light in a bucket corona crown wet siles down: prompting reflection

After rain tiny drainbound streams bubble broken rubbish down causey edge. our urban streamfront property

Streets wet week, Sodden & Gomorrah, entryways shelter, windows pebbledashed: towns grieving for a laugh

Please Use Other Door arrow points up High St., large To Be Let, For Sale on pole: signs of redirection.

Wet pavements dry world mercator maps estuaries coastlines islands cloud animals: imaginations silhouettes

Like morning Summer broken dries Wintered leaf blasts blue cloud pummels Spring breath out Autumnal still.

Atop Green bin green eyed ginger cat paws folded under On white wash line mid travel cable car raindrops.

High Street man, black frizzy wig, pink wrapped flowers, pink, white, purple balloons adjusts rucksack

Rainpools broadcasting light unresolved mirror restless refraction image holds brief seconds: undecided reflection

Blackbird gob skyward atop Victorian six pointed terracotta Crown top chimney pot trills red brick streets

bright yellow sharp edged box hedge sun cracked pavements yellow metal skip blocks alleyway: All sun snogged

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