Harry And Modern Parlance

Harry wants to be a celebrity. Tried to make a sex tape last night but the tape got screwed. Damn 1970s video machine. Says prefer Blu Ray.

Harry wanted to make a death tape, but didn’t know anybody as died. His death was foretold but could not remember by who. Took a selfie.

Day photobomb went off, Harry was in the stalls. Explosion took him by surprise. He expected to die, as foretold, enjoyed fame instead.


Invisible Town suffers

 Invisible Town: only has orphaned children, who scavenge bins, old farms, desolate supermarkets, learn to kill chickens, rabbits, survive

Invisible Town: has built in obsolescence and eternal reinvention. Dreams made of new materials with a decay date.

Invisible Town: is a bomb shelter until others invention is strong, deep enough to bring blood, remove safety

Invisible Town: is coastal as all towns. Fishing main job. All Fisher people. Sewing nets, fleshing catches, praying for safe return.

warnings go out. Move. This house/school/building will be demolished. If message not heeded your memory will be honoured.

conctete motorways, flyovers, high rise living are the thing. Little homes squeeze into a few feet. Noise abatement unknown.

Barefoot is the new black. Feet are judged as to cleanliness, artistry. Tattooed is trending. Foot Features on the famous

Invisible Town grows

People unaware of future build houses on past, make layers over ancestors, history is a foundation stone, statue, plaque.

Fields, green, gold, purple separated by hedges, woods, can be seen for miles around. Farmers market town.

No houses, no shops, only cars, lorries, caravans, boats. All on move. Snack food, traffic convoys. Mobile towns, no rest.

where strangers pick up strangers No one knows another, because they do not know how. Families are unknown to each other.

Silence compulsory as  people need to listen to gusts special language, sometimes warm gentle touch, others cold ferocious.

No maps, no street signs, no road signs. People navigate with natural signs, moss on trees, plants grow particular places.

Deliberate acts have random consequences. Blow on your food to cool it down, people die in missile attack.

Novel Quotes: The Four Gifts

Buses are butterflies all blue and gold. Blind Mary and I caught one to the black glass wedding.

Young, dead Lozzy comes walking on water down the canal bright and shiny like a new kitchen surface.

The Man’s Landrover is a poisonous flower, lily packed with dust of death. He climbs out of the lily dust flying like red flour.

He is the politest of men.
“Pardon me, young Lady”
to Blind Mary who coughs,
overcome by dust.

Lozzy, my poor dead son is a vacuum cleaner with severe asthma. He inhales the Man of Dust and knows what it means.

Man of Dusts’ minder of water floods the vacuum cleaner. Lozzy coughs splutters. First gift carved coal elephant trunk inhales.

Coal sculpture elephant sprays the water over his back, as if having a wash. Black dust billows. Black mingles with red dust.

Lozzy vacuums the Man of Dust. Disposes of him in the Place of No Breath. And if the dust meets breath, life. Dust waits.

The Wire Drawing Town

Wadsley and Attercliffe forges

bundle Iron/steel rods
arrive on cart

to Jumble Lane, near

May Day Green

Heat under charcoal pit
till red hot

Take away angles,
round it

Wire Drawer gets paid
‘for meking oyles’

wire through largest
tapering hole
in Wortle plate

Make it finer
by a Dog
heavy tool
via wheels and cranks

Watch speed of pull
Wortle plate held by tongs

heat rod then cool
remove scaling

to fit through wortle plates
smaller, smaller holes

finer, finer, finer

fine wire fish hooks, watch springs

hard wire for cotton/woolcard teeth,
riddles, sieves

The Winter Form

November evening exile ice Bristol park edge wooden form three pairs of clothes newsprint warmth only Mirror cloth against cold hunger eats bones

No rent

Purple finger ends veins icy twitch bad blood his mother said

No job.

Winters’ park form edge is razor thought takes empties pockets, sparkling fluff elastic band broken biro no cold coin disgrace.

This is not a poem about park life on a winter form
These are not words about not being able
This is not about lack of power




The Desiccated Bus Shelter

as a poem

Desiccated Bus Shelter is ideal on your cereal in the morning. It gives renewed energy, vigour and hope.

Desiccated Bus Shelter on your lunch,
gives that extra kick to continue the day,
enabling you to punch through to days end with a feeling of real achievement.

Desiccated Bus Shelter as an accompaniment to your evening meal encourages restful winding down of a days labour, relaxation and repose.

as a political/artistic statement

For those who feel modern politics is ineffective, Desiccated Bus Shelter: reshuffling the Shelters glass is a more effective communicator.

Desiccated Bus Shelter: And if not political, then because they can, like Hillary and Everest. It makes you proud to be British.

Desiccated Bus Shelter: an art event, a happening, a situationist response to geographical stimulus. A radical take on the objects purpose.