An Apt Fifteenth Century Murder Mystery: A Cup.of Easter Ale (1531)

I know. I bring this out every Easter. It still works, I believe. A Medieval Murder Mystery for you.

The Wombwell Rainbow

How did Henry Wombwell die?


1531 in the reign of Henry VIII , Deposition of Sir Richard Tempest, aged 52, ( died 1537 in prison after supporting the Pilgrimage of Grace)

A year before his death
Henry Wombwell with
William Grene, Christopher Husteler
and Edward Lee came
to Bolling Hall to see me
and Henry said to me

”I desire you to be
a good master
and friend unto me
for I have my lands
and goods so ordered
I cannot help myself
I am put in jeopardy
of my life and fear
to continue without
your help” or suchlike.

He told me “I was put
in a chamber in my own
house, and kept there
and if Stansfield had not
broken down the door
I would have been destroyed.

William Grene helped free me
and he is feared to be slain
and would have peace
and remedy.”


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