#CelebrateYourCreativeAchievementsOf2022 Calling all poets/short prose writers/artworkers between 26-31st December I want to celebrate your creativity over the last year. Please email me a list, plus bio, links and so on. Soon as possible. Today we celebrate the achievements in 2022 of Spriha Kant

SPRIHA KANT (Poetess and Book Reviewer)

Spriha Kant is a poetess and book reviewer. She was born in Indore (India) and lives with her parents there. She is currently perusing M. Tech in Structural Engineering from IPS Academy.

She developed an interest in poetries at a very tender age. She has inherited this interest from her parents. She is also fond of calligraphy, photography, and paintings and is an intense music lover.

In November 2023, her poetries will be included in a book published by “Move Me Poetry” and she wishes this anthology book to be read by many people.

To know about her literary contributions and achievements, kindly refer to the table and links below:

Anthologies including poetries of Spriha Kant Sing, Do The Birds of Spring
Hard Rain Poetry: Forever Dylan
Bare Bones Writing Issue 1: Fevers of the Mind
A Whisper Of Your Love
Book Reviews done by

Spriha Kant

The Keeper of Aeons by Matthew MC Smith
Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow
Washed Away: A Collection of Fragments by Shiksha Dheda
Spaces by Clive Gresswell
Silence From the Shadows by Stuart Matthews
Poetry Collaboration “The Doorsteps Series” with David L O’ Nan
Participation in Events Celebration for the launch of the debut poetry book “Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow” by Jeff Flesch
Celebration for the launch of the poetry chapbook “As FolkTaleTeller” by Paul Brookes
Featured Work(s) of Spriha Kant Seventh Synergy in “SYNERGY: CALLING ALL WRITERS WHO ARE PHOTOGRAPHERS”
Interview Features of Spriha Kant “Quick-9 Interview” on feversofthemind.com
“#Broken Asides with Spriha Kant” thebrokenspine.co.uk
Digitally published poetry/poetries “The Seashell” on Imaginary Land Stories

The following are the links to the interview features of Spriha Kant:



The following are the links to the book reviews done by Spriha Kant:






Links to the other featured works of Spriha Kant are:

NEW FEATURE: SYNERGY: CALLING ALL WRITERS WHO ARE PHOTOGRAPHERS I will feature your work photos and writing individually on the Wombwell Rainbow. A special feature for you alone. Please DM/message me if you’re interested. Photo essays are great, poems should accompany one of your images that inspired them. Poems within the photos are also great, such a haiku, and so forth. Any theme you choose, at the moment. May get more specific as time goes by. Experimental work most welcome. Our seventh Synergy is from Spriha Kant.

#TheWombwellRainbow #PoeticFormChallenge #Alphabetpoem was last week’s chosen form. Robert Frede Kenter, Jane Dougherty, Tim Fellows, Jane Dougherty, Spriha Kant, Sheryl Lynch, and myself.

#TheWombwellRainbow #PoeticFormChallenge #ACROSTIC was last week’s chosen form. Robert Frede Kenter, Alice Stainer, Tim Fellows, Jane Dougherty, Spriha Kant, Samantha Terrell and myself

Celebrate #NationalPoetryDay today October 6th. Join Neal Zetter, Samantha Terrell, Spriha Kant, Francis Powell, Peter Gaskell, Kevin Sealby, and I. I will feature the best environmental poems that you feel you have written. Please email them to me, including a short third person bio. You may need to follow me first so I can DM you details . Will feature more throughout the day, but be absent from 14:30-20:30 on my supermarket shift.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Celebrate #WorldSmileDay I will feature your published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks about smiling, or that features a smile. Please include a short third person bio in your email to me.

Mark #WorldMenopauseDay2022 I will feature your published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks about the menopause. Please include a short third person bio.


Links to the Poetry Collaborations are:




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