World Suicide Prevention Day

Spriha Kant

Giving Up the smooch:

Venomous snakes conjured up in my mind
from my anxieties, frustrations, and negativities.
They slithered in my nerves.
They threatened me with their hissing sounds and flickering tongues.
I begged for emotional support
but all I got in return was
empathy as frozen as Tundra.
They tied me in a gnarly knot and bit and swallowed my stimulus.
I am now like an old plaster crumbled from a wall
about to smooch the death willingly.
But I know after this smooth, I can never smooch
So, from now on, I will keep on
venting out
my emotional state
in my diaries
till my creator doesn’t
take me away with him.

© Spriha Kant

Paul Brookes has featured the works of others with me on World Suicide Prevention Day. If you wanna get featured or read the works of other contributors, please check out the link:

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