#TheWombwellRainbow #PoeticFormsChallenge. It is weekly. Week Fifteen form is a French form a #Virelai. I will post the challenge to create a first draft of a poetic form by the following late Sunday. Please email your first draft to me, including an updated short, third person bio and a short prose piece about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Except when I’m working at the supermarket I am always ready to help those that get stuck. I will blog my progress throughout the week. Hopefully it may help the stumped. Also below please find links to helpful websites.

The virelai

is a French poetic form with alternating rhymes and line lengths. Here are basic guidelines:

nine lines per stanza

lines one, two, four, five, seven, and eight have five syllables

lines three, six, and nine have two syllables

the five-syllable lines rhyme with each other and the two-syllable lines rhyme with each other to make the following rhyme patter: aabaabaab

the end rhyme for the short lines continues on in the following stanza

the final stanza’s short-line end rhyme should be the same as the long-line end rhyme in the opening stanza (to complete the end-rhyme circle)

Note on stanzas: This form can contain as few as two stanzas to infinity (if you could write that many).

Helpful  LInks



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