six gleams to defeat owldark

Crowlight boss spoke to its gleams
 “Know this, Owldark hears better,
 flies quieter, sees better
 when our crowlight is dim, or
 when our days are short. We can

 outmaneouvre it in flight,
 mob it with brightness and hue.
 Beware of its harsh talons,
 sharp beak that dismembers us.”

 One shaft of crowlight says
 “bend to dark when it is strong.
 Attack it when it is weak.
 Don’t wage war if it won’t give
 power, or wealth or friendship.”

 A second brightness suggests
 “Never accept peace with dark
 that is not just. It will break
 its word, stab you in the back.

 Owldark is a tyrant, fool,
 a miser, idler, liar,
 coward. Words of peace inflame
 what is blinded by anger.”

 A third glow attests patience.
 “Exile is the best way. Wait
 and strike when dark becomes weak.
 In summer or longer days.”

 A fourth radiance suggests
“Neither peace nor bravado
 Can subdue strong dark
 Where these two do not work
 Flight is the best alternative.”

 A fifth glint cast its viewpoint
 ” Thee should ally with our mates,
 birdclouds, gustwings then attack.
 Boss who flees is cobratwist
 without fangs. crocodilewave
 in water hauls elephantquake.

 An ally is gust to fire.
 Stay where tha be boss, gather
 close our trusted strong allies.”

And sixth brilliance posits
 “crowlights,  use duplicity
 to finish owldark. Send spies,
 gather info on darkness
 advising owldark boss. Set
 one against other, deftly.”

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