What made Owldark against Crowlight

Well, swanripple, parrotblaze,
and cranenurse, nightingalerave,
and peacockbairn, pigeoncoo,
pheasantplucker, sparrowskneecap,
met to know why boss allows
poachers. Vote owldark new boss.
As owldark crowned, crowlight flies in,
asks why and what occasion.
Birds tell him, crowlight tells them,
“Owldarks wicked and ugly,
unwise to choose another
when our boss is still alive.
Scare poachers with bosses name.
It’s how moonhares rest happy
when took name of the moon.
Sit thee sen down, get summat
to sup while I tell thee tale.”


Elephantquake bosses a vast
 forest. No rain, all lakes, pools, 
 arid. It thirsts. Knows a lake,
 hidden, always full and goes

 there to save itself. After
 five nights it revels, splashes
 in the cool lake. Daily it
 marches upon moonhares, maims

 and wounds them on its trek
 to the lake. Oblivious
 to the grief and pain its feet
 cause the small scared folk below.

 One day moonhares meet
 to save themselves
 from the thick skinned carnage.
 Some say “Abandon this place.”

 Others “It’s our ancient home.
 Let’s find an alternative.
 Let’s see if we can scare off
 rampage of elephantquake.”

Some of them say, “We know
 of a trick that works
 with elephantquake.
 we need a sharp person.

 A moonhare has a message
 for elephantquake. It says
 “I come from Moon who doesn’t
 want you supping lake as bound

 there you kills and maim hundreds
 of hares. Lake is forbidden.
 Return to your forest home.
 “But where’s this Moon, your home? asks

 elephantquake  “In this lake.
 It consoles the survivors
 of your rampage.” “Lets see it.”
 says the keen elephantquake.

“Come alone with me, I will
 show you.” Moonhare takes it one
 night to shows Moon’s silvery
 reflection in the lake, says

“Here it is, my home, the Moon.
 Lost in meditation.
 Move quietly, salute it.
 Don’t disturb it and bring wrath.”

Elephantquake sees it as real,
 salutes it, leaves quietly,
 returns to its forest home.
 Hares heave sigh in relief.

 crowlight tells the birds gathered
 to elect a leader, “that
 is why tha must choose a wise,
 and experienced boss.

 If tha don’t hear how moonhare
 and sparrowskneecap get killed
 because they choose a wicked
 mediator. It begins…


Sparrowskneecap in a cup
 of twigs, leaves, lined with down, moss
 and hair, in an Oak hollow.
 Oak that is my home, too.

 Sparrowskneecap leaves in search
 of food and does not return.
 We are good mates, and I fret
 what happened to him? Died, maimed?

 One fine morning, a moonhare
 moves into the hollow home
 of my friend. I protest, then,
 one day, sparrowskneecap comes

 back. He looks much healthier
 than when he left and he finds
 moonhare has nabbed his home.
 He tells moonhare, “Thas taken

 my home. Tha must hand it back.”
 Moonhare disagrees, “What tha
 on abaht?  This is my place.
 I’ve got squatters rights. Its mine.”

 My mate is aghast. “Lets both
 find an expert as’ll sort this.
 If thas agreed.” Moonhare is.
 Curious as to finish

 I follow them. Afterwards
 I know catspit heard todo,
 and meant to take advantage.
 It knows well path both must take,

 sets up a camp on the route,
 spreads a mat of grass on ground,
 takes meditation pose, face
 to the sun, raises its paws

 in worship, recites scripture:
“This world has no essence. Life
 is passing. All liaisons
 with lovers are like a dream,

 family illusory.
 follow the right path. The learned
 say this wretched body dies.
 Wealth is impermanent.

 Death is always at tha door.
 Free thyself from earthly chains
 He who abandons right path
 is the same as living dead.”

 “I’ll tell you right path. Doing
 good to others is virtue.
 Tormenting others is vice.
 This is the essence. I am

 in service of the boss, have
 given up all desires. I
 will not do you any harm.”
 He knows they have heard his words.

 “After hearing your account, I
 will decide who among you
 is the rightful owner. I
 am very old and cant hear.

 Please come close to me and tell
 your story.” Both come closer,
 catspit pounces, grabs my mate
 in his teeth, slashes other

 with his jaws, kills and eats them.


 crowlight tells the birds, “If you
 rest your faith in this wicked,
 blind owl, your fate is same as
 moonhare and sparrowskneecap.”

 The birds decide to work
 out matter more carefully 
 afore electing owldark boss.
 Furious, the owldark shouts

 at crowlight “Tha bugger crow,
 what harm have I done thee?
 Thas done it ‘tween owldark
 and crowlight nar. Tha can heal

 wounds on body but not heart.”
crowlight thought on it, “I’m daft.

 What have I done? I shouldn’t have
 advised birds not to elect
 owldark as boss.” It regrets what
 it said and did, and goes home.

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