How Crowlight burned Owldark (1 of 11)


 Feathered Day abides in town,
 a huge tree its home.The oak
 flares hundreds of limbs. The boss
 of Day, sets up strong ramparts.

 Feathered Night abides a cave,
 ruled by a boss with a strong
 stealthy and cunning army.
 Owldark binocular eyes

 bare bold oak, and, quiet winged
 razors apart every
 crowlight of dusk Day seen
 outside the darkening tree.

 Moulted oak is not naked,
 black wing blossoms rustle.
 Sun lower in colder skies,
 owldark patrols sooner now.

 Alarmed at loss Day gathers
 folk. Says, “Tha must decide plan
 to sort taloned Night. What thoughts
 come into thee wintered minds?”

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