Catch Up with Darren Beaney

Nigel Kent - Poet and Reviewer

The titles of each of the poems in The fall of the repetitive mixtape are taken from early song titles by The Fall. The chapbook is a collection of observations, rants, acid trips and acid flashbacks. Here’s a poem from the pamphlet:

Crap rap 2

This sounds like a half pint fella
wearing a ten-gallon hat. Taking shelter 
in a weak $5 coat.
Never quite at home in the parlour.
A heavy drinker, so impatient 
he quaffs wine while it is still vinegar and laments 
absent elixir. This looks like

a gangsta born to lose, wrapped
in a world of chicken wire. Wearing
the scent of post-game locker room.
Hoping for his very own Ted Bundy show 
trial, without the buzz.

Hear the repeat of overindulged ill rhymes.

	ill rhymes.

	ill rhymes.

The imagery, the settings, and the impact of each of these poems is a different diorama…

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