Poetry Showcase: Peter Magliocco

Fevers of the Mind

Bio: Peter Magliocco writes from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he’s been active for several years as writer, poet, artist, and editor. A multiple nominee for the Pushcart and Best of the Net for poetry and fiction, he has recent poetry in online and print publications like TAJ MAHAL REVIEW, LOTHLORIEN POETY JOURNAL, BLUEPEPPER, FLASHES OF BRILLIANCE, DREICH, and elsewhere. His recent poetry books are Night Pictures from the Climate Change (Cyberwit.net) and Particle Acceleration on Judgement Day (Impspired).

                                                       Vase Tumbler of words, iconic memories overflow The broken mauve vase on my studio window ledge, Once overtopped with dandelion petals – Like offerings to the unfaithful muse In hiding, Now simply residue’s wreckage in shatter-spleen. Divorced from creation’s god-cave, quite simply My echoing self-portrait on the mantel-haze. When words & images fail, no longer crystallizing The winter of sad discontent freezing the birds With their brittle plumage devoid of colors. With…

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