Three Poems – Agboola Tariq A.

IceFloe Press

Reaching God

In the silence of dawn, the adhan calls this body.
I feel God’s lips kissing my heart to renew my faith, so I
sit in a corner beside my shadow where my hands receive dua
from the edges of my mouth. I urge to pluck the moon for God to see
where this body lies, where the devil hides under the cloak of
my dark skin. I pick a rosary and repeat God’s name
till my voice breaks, still, the pieces ring in my head telling
me other names of God. The sun breaks through the darkness and
there’s a vale inbetween that separates my ego from myself. Like
a dark boy who just washed away his s(k)in, I could feel His presence
in the veil of my body which has turned a sacrifice for reincarnation.

who needs a man a boy like me?

let me sing sweet…

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