Mark #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth Please join John Beal and I in marking this awareness. I will feature your draft published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks about mental health. Please include a short third person bio.


Skull castle keeps all safe
from the outside darkness
descending into winter
eyes hopeful for return
solstice special anniversary
meaning more than most
the rebirth of life and light
not just a symbolic turning
but a real time event
which allows the drawbridge
to descend once more
and the black isolation
to end


Bios and Links

John Beal

Native to Mexborough, lives with his wife Vicki, in the house where he was born. Growing up surrounded by the pollution of the local industries, from a young age he developed a deep love for the natural world, escaping whenever possible to Old Denaby, the rivers Don and Dearne and the local woodlands and wetlands. He was sixteen when he first started to write lyrics, then turned to poetry, which he has been unable to stop writing ever since.

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