Review of Abel Johnson Thundil’s Poetry book “Wilted:Poems of Modern Tragedy” By Spriha Kant                                          

This book can be easily read and understood by even non-poetic minds as it is the general public that suffers the most during wars or any other emergency so it is obvious that they can connect emotionally with this book.

Bios (Abel Johnson Thundil & Spriha Kant):

Abel Johnson Thundil:

Abel Johnson Thundil is a young poet from India. He runs a poetry blog called ‘Amaranthine, an original poetry blog. His poems are sometimes sentimental, sometimes dark; but always with a madness that’s very enjoyable. His works have appeared in Terror House Magazine, The Pangolin Review, and Luminescence (Rosewood publications, India). His first anthology ‘The Bleeding Rose: Poems of Love and Loss’ was published by
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Spriha Kant:

Spriha Kant is an English poetess & literary book reviewer.
Her first published poetry “The Seashell” was published online in “Imaginary Land Stories.”
The poetries of Spriha have been published in the following anthologies:
1) Sing, Do The Birds of Spring
2) A Whisper Of Your Love
3) Hard Rain Poetry: Forever Dylan
4) Bare Bones Writing Issue 1: Fevers of the mind
5) Hidden in Childhood
6) A Glitter of Miles
“Hard Rain Poetry: Forever Dylan” & “Bare Bones Writing Issue 1: Fevers of the mind” have been published in fourteen countries, namely:
1) United States
2) Canada
3) Australia
4) India
5) United Kingdom
6) Spain
7) France
8) Italy
9) Mexico
10) Netherlands
11) Poland
12) Turkey
13) Sweden
14) Japan
“Hidden in Childhood” became the #1 bestselling book on Amazon. This book consists of poems from about 150 globally acclaimed poets and poetesses, out of which most have been featured on NPR (National Public Radio), BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), and the New York Times. The wonderful Japanese painter “Hikari” featured this book in her exhibition in Tokyo in Japan.
All the proceeds of the anthology book “A Glitter of Miles” went to the “Senior Staffy Club” (UK), a charity that helps older Staffordshire Bull terriers.
Reviews on the books of critically acclaimed poets and poetesses by Spriha that have been released so far are as follows:
1) The Keeper of Aeons by Matthew MC Smith
2) Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow by Jeff Flesch
3) Washed Away: A Collection of Fragments by Shiksha Dheda
4) Spaces by Clive Gresswell
5) Silence From the Shadows by Stuart Matthews
6) Breathe by Helen Laycock
7) Woman: Splendor and Sorrow: Love Poems and Poetic Prose by Gabriela Marie Milton
8) These Random Acts of Wildness by Paul Brookes
9) Othernesses by Paul Brookes
10) Turbulent Waves by Verde Mar
Spriha has collaborated on the poetry “The Doorsteps Series” with the well-known Southern Indiana poet “David L O’ Nan.”
Spriha has participated in the following events celebrating the launches of the books:
Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow by Jeff Flesch
As FolkTaleTeller by Paul Brookes
Shedding light on the details about Spriha Kant’s quote published as an “Epigraph” below:
Her poetic quote “An orphic wind storm blew away a sand dune that heaped all our love memories upon one another.” has been published as the epigraph in the book Magkasintahan Volume VI By Poets and Writers from the Philippines under Ukiyoto Publishing in the year 2022.
Features of Spriha Kant (Interviews & Others):

1) Quick-9 Interview on (Interview Feature)
2) #BrokenAsides with Spriha Kant on the (Interview Feature)
3) Creative Achievements in 2022 on

Invitation to Spriha Kant as a guest of honor:
Spriha graced the award-winning show “Victoria in Verse” as a “guest of honor” in “Bloomsbury Radio, London,” hosted by Victoria Onofrei which broadcasted on January 29th, 2023 at 6 P.M. as per the time standard in London in which she recited her poetry “The Tale of a poltergeist”.
Encomiums on Spriha Kant:

The Nepalese poetess “Mingmar Sadhana” praised her highly for her literary achievements through her following words:

“There is a saying in Nepali, ‘Hune biruwako chillo paat’ (meaning a plant
with potential for growth has glossy leaves), and I feel it fits you perfectly,
Spriha! Sharing in the joy and pride of your achievement, poetic milestones”

The American poet “Verde Mar” said the following words about her in praise:

“Spriha Kant has a wondrous ‘force of nature’ spirit that shines like the North
Star and her poetry are revered by our fabulous writing community on social

Links to features of Spriha Kant:

#CelebrateYourCreativeAchievementsOf2022 Calling all poets/short prose writers/artworkers between 26-31st December I want to celebrate your creativity over the last year. Please email me a list, plus bio, links and so on. Soon as possible. Today we celebrate the achievements in 2022 of Spriha Kant

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