In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes of Wombwell Rainbows UK for Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge ~ 2023


APRIL 2023 Day One

Poems Inspired by Artwork by Artists  

Beth Brooke , Aaron Bowker,Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad, and Sara Fatima Mir

AB 1

Determined pillar
goal eyed traveller fearless
destined to succeed

BB 1

Is it the island of Lothair
on which poems wrote Trouvere
on which exists no portecochere
on which all is basalt-ware

just a legend of trees , a pair
found in the olden Khmer
mystery surrounds calm water
beware traveler beware.


Is this bird from the time of Chou
pecking on dough
Or it has flown from Po
planning to fly to Vaud
where perchance it meets Zo
thirsty or not, to be sure
it is the cleverest bird
The black and white crow.

Sara FM -1

Who flew from far away Pohai
a miracle if from Alai
It is color divergent, sweeter
than Hungarian Tokay
envied by the magpie
delicate tender gold casefy

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