Poetry: “Older” by Anthony Agbo

Fevers of the Mind


As a child, all she ever wanted was to travel around the world but as she gets older, she realizes that wishes weren't actually horses so she settled for the only place she could go without actually travel- Utopia Everything was perfect there, she was happy and fear was something she conquered over there but after each trip out of Utopia, it becomes sadder and scarier for her because she knows that just Alice in wonderland, she always have to return to the real world. When she was just a child, she expected the world to be perfect just as she imagined it. As she gets older, she doesn't know what she wants me what's she stands for anymore; and this scares her. Embarrassed by her fears, she made defensive scarecrows that scared away the things and people she loved. As she gets older, life sat her down and…

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