Poetry Showcase: Miri Gould

Fevers of the Mind

photo from pixabay

Giving It Up

Having given up on marriage, I took up cheating. Having given up on Alex, I took up Jason. Having given up on savings, I took on debt (in part, to pay for therapy). Having given up on debt, I took to asking my husband to pay the rent. Yes, the same husband I’d given up on. A man of simple means who bought me this computer and this phone and now this roof over my head. I gave him head, in return, as he sat on the same green couch (and I knelt on the same grey mat) as Alex and Jason did before him. Having given up on certainty, I took up only being certain of how unsure I am. Having given up on who I’ve always been, I got a tattoo, so why not get another? (I’ve already put down the deposit…

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