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William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - Maternal Admiration (1869)


Choose your own mother
(for Rhianydd Daniel)

I have heard it said
the yet unborn
can choose their parents.

A strange idea, this.
Although we live in times
when nothing is
beyond belief.

If it is true..
If it is true,
I ask myself
the reason
I chose you.

Indecisive as I am,
and daresay was
before my birth,
there is a scenario
in which I am at peace.

Where, unborn,
I somehow hear
your singing voice.

And from that time
I have no choice.

Ivor Daniel

Bio and links

Ivor Daniel
lives in Gloucestershire, UK. His poems have appeared in iamb, Fevers of the Mind, Roi Fainéant, Ice Floe Press, The Dawntreader, After…, Alien Buddha, TopTweetTuesday, Black Nore Review, Lit.202, and elsewhere.
Twitter: @IvorDaniel Instagram: ivor.daniel.165

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