Chen Xianfa: Five Poems Translated by Martyn Crucefix and Nancy Feng Liang

The High Window

butterflies cxhinese


Chen Xianfa is a poet, essayist and journalist born in Anhui Province, China, where he still lives. He has published four books of poems: Death in the Spring (1994), Past Life (2005), Engraving the Tombstone (2011) and Poems in Nines (2018) which was awarded the Lu Xun Literature Prize. A Selected Poems appeared in 2019. He has published two collections of essays, Heichiba Notes (2014 and 2021). Other awards include China’s Top Ten Influential Poets (1998-2008), the Hainan Biennial Poetry Prize (2011), Yuan Kejia Poetry Prize (2013), Tian Wen Poetry Prize (2015) and the Chenzi’ang Poetry Prize (2016).


Chen Xianfa: Five Poems translated by Martyn Crucefix and Nancy Feng Liang

chen cropped


Suddenly, we will lose
all kinds of ways,
every intonation,
struck dumb in the face of things moving quickly towards us.

Speechless, I stand beside a rock,
and displayed on the rock, a butterfly…

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