Book Reviews by Spriha Kant: “These Random Acts of Wildness” by Paul Brookes

Thankyou to Spriha for this pre-publication review of “These Random Acts Of Wildness”

Fevers of the Mind

Review of Paul Brookes’s book “These Random Acts of Wildness” by “Spriha Kant”

This book consists of a collection of poetries. The poet in some poetries makes his readers travel in, around, and out of the different portions of the home including lawns, backyards, kitchen, etc., in some of which he shows glimpses of the chores and concludes the bitter truth of the world and/or one of the fundamental truths of existence that whatever is created is meant to be destroyed the one or the other day. Quoting the following few words and stanzas from a few such poetries: “His toy won't cut grass but safely glides over its length, so he stamps and bawls when his world don't conform to his straight lines, because it's bent. My wife says “Better” to our short shorn lawn. We all want the wild to be uniform.” “Organic time tamed, all about decay…

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