Drop in by Paul Waring

Nigel Kent - Poet and Reviewer

I have great pleasure in inviting Paul Waring to drop in today, a poet whom I have admired for some time.

Thank you Nigel for inviting me to drop in and write about Melt, a poemfrom my latest collection Muckle Anima, a Dreich 2022 ‘Classic Chapbook’ competition winner.

I wrote my first poem in 1990. Before this, I spent much of the 1980’s writing lyrics and singing in a number of Liverpool bands. Between 1996-2016 I wrote almost no poetry, largely due to my work commitments as a clinical psychologist.

Melt started out as a title and a broad idea to depict the sense of madness that falling in love can induce; the state that can result in us being almost oblivious to everything else in our lives. Writing this drop-in for Nigel brought to mind a song I wrote in the early 1980’s – also about…

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