NEW FEATURE: Responses to my “This Day” posts and other images I have posted. Thankyou to Sunil Sharma. I look forward to featuring your responses too.

blazing sky
—a Goya canvas?

-Sunil Sharma

Autumn Fallstripped with limbs bare
muted-dark colours
—autumn produces noir

-Sunil Sharma

blue and whiteColours, somber,
white patches
optics of relief;
timelines collide
—echoes of the Blue Period?

-Sunil Sharma

canalin the heart of the
a river reflecting
sky’s majesty
watched by the
trees, mesmerised!

-Sunil Sharma

Bio And Links

-Sunil Sharma

Toronto-based author-academic-editor, Sunil Sharma has published 23 creative and critical books— joint and solo. He edits the Setu journal:

For details, please visit the website:

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