#autumnfall Please join Chris Husband, Ronnie Goodyear and myself in marking autumn with your own work. I will feature your published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks about autumn/fall. Please include a short third person bio.

Autumn Fall

Creeping Season 

Slowly, quietly the days creep forward
The nights darken with ever faster depth
What were skies of varying shades
Suddenly deepest navy or ink black
That nothing can penetrate.
The chill in the air passing through sunshine
As everyone remarks on Autumn’s arrival
Pulling a coat about them for warmth
The fire set to warm their bones
As they wonder if it’s too soon, just yet.
Walking they see the leaves a justification
As greens have scattered to jewels
Rubies among the rubbish the child kicks
Playing in a park where everything crackles
And the only thing growing are toadstools.
The luscious promises that autumn gives
A whisper of leaves on breezes
The words called down since forever
Saying that everything will begin again
If we but only wait patiently.

(Written for @Paul Brookes Autumn poetry challenge)

In Autumn

Folded boats of pink almond leaf
float down pavements in the wind.

Bright coins jink and shuffle
in the pockets of the beech,

The horse chestnut frees
a last enormous leaf

which settles on the ground,
an upturned hand

open to anything.

-Gill McEvoy

Season’s Janitor

Autumn, you are the last staging post on the journey from
light to dark,
warm to cool
The janitor clearing up after the Summer party
wrapping the trees with your golden protection,
acclimatising for the oncoming frost and
chasing life into hibernation
occasionally affording glimpses of what was
and what is yet to come.
Our unsung hero living between the leviathans of Summer and Winter,
the saviour of Nature’s faculties which Spring will resurrect.
Autumn, you have a vital task to perform,
and you do it with alacrity

-Chris Husband 2022 (From his self-published collection “Chips for Tea and other 10 minute Tweets” )

Renaissance and truth by Ronnie Goodyear

-Ronnie Goodyear

Bios And Links

-Chris Husband

is a (nearly!) sixty-year-old poet. Author of the poetry collection “Chips for Tea and other 10-minute Tweets” published on Amazon.

He lives and works in East Lancashire and is married with children and grand-children to use as inspiration.

-Ronnie Goodyear

Ronnie, with partner Dawn, runs Indigo Dreams Publishing and together they won The Ted Slade Award for Services to Poetry. 

He was on the BBC Judging Panel for their Off By Heart poetry competition (BBC2). He has six published collections and his joint collection with Dawn, ‘Forest moor or less’, won the Best Collaborative Work Award in 2021.

Ronnie is also poet-in- residence for charity League Against Cruel Sports.

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