Happy #RollerCoasterDay. Please join Ivor Daniel with I. I will feature your published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks about/mentioning Roller Coasters. Please include a short third person bio.

roller coaster dayPerfect Bed

I dream I am at Bembom Brothers
Dreamland funfair park
with Tracey Emin.
Hard by Margate sands.

I know I shouldn’t drink that Vodka
on the Helter Skelter.
Apart from that,
a Day as Perfect as the Lou Reed song.

We Kiss with Fish and Chips Lips,
Join Hips. A Turner Sunset
Going Down.

I guess it is the Golden Hour.
Blair’s Babes
and even some of his men MP’s
are busy Changing a whole heap of things
for the Better.

Back in your room
we remember that
we even Changed the Bed this morning.

The linen soft and cool next to our Optimistic skin.

(This poem has previously appeared online in iamb-wave seven
and in Fevers of the Mind).

-Ivor Daniel

My Adrenalin

instead of man
ufactured fairground
strapped in
accelerated heart pumping

give me no ropes
tentative feet locked
into postage stamp ledges
half way up 300 foot rockface
knee trembling
frantic hands search
above for gap in stone.

-Paul Brookes

Bios And Links

-Ivor Daniel

lives in Gloucestershire, UK. His  poems have appeared in A Spray of Hope, wildfire words, Steel Jackdaw, Writeresque, iamb, Fevers of the Mind, The Trawler 2021, Roi Fainéant, Ice Floe Press, The Dawntreader, After…, Alien Buddha, The Wombwell Rainbow, Block Party and Black Nore Review. Right now (August 2022) he has poems forthcoming in Re-Side, Lit. 202, The Orchard Lea Anthology (Cancer) and The Crump’s Barn Anthology (Halloween).

Find him on Twitter @IvorDaniel

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