Celebrate #NationalTellAJokeDay. Please join Colin Dardis and I. I will feature your published/unpublished joke poetry/short joke prose/joke artworks. Please include a short third person bio.

tell a joke day

A few groaners for #NationalTellAJokeDay:

Two hippies cleaning up after a house party:
1st hippy: “Where’s your bin, man?”
2nd hippy: “Doesn’t come ’til Tuesday, man.”

What do you call a female taxidermist?

Why did the polygamist cross the road?
To get to his other bride.

-Colin Dardis

Bio And Links

-Colin Dardis

is a neurodivergent poet, editor and sound artist from Northern Ireland. His latest collection is All This Light In Which To See The Dead: Pandemic Journals 2020-21 (Rancid Idols Productions, 2022).

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