In Response to Mr Paul Brookes ~ NANOWRIMO 2021~ Novel in Verse ~ Epic Freedom in Divine Light ~ Day Two ~


Tranquility is Divine
It cannot be found in a lineof roses guarded by thorns
nor in a forest replete with trees,
and then if I were a leaf ,
tender would be the twig
unstable would be the branch,
swinging to and fro with the breeze,
tense in breath fragile in heart,
on a pinegraceful and tall,one day would beThe Fall
Tranquility is Divine
Where do I find the freedom I seek
Of land
Of law
Of my home
Of my town
Of the pine trees I smell

Of the clean roads
Of the clean hearts more
Of joys of small things
Of words soft and loving

Of a no war zone
Of no borders nor barriers

But I know so little
I see the ants, are they free?
I see the butterfly? is it free?
I hear the dove coo every day
Does it cry for freedom too?”

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