#NaNoWriMo Day Three of a new challenge I have called #AFirstDraft to write a haibun/haiku or other poetic form novel or prose novel over the month. I will feature your first, or how many more drafts of your novel day by day until the end of November.


Zero Gravity

Gayle J. Greenlea

Excerpt for 3 November, 2021

<chapter> One continued

          Hilary peeled off stale clothes and stepped into the shower, turning the pressure on high. Warm streams needled her out of her stupor. She soaped and scrubbed hard, soothing herself with thoughts of steamed milk foaming over the rich espresso she would order from the café at the end of the street. Unwelcome flashes came anyway: soft feminine lips pressing against her own, muscled masculine hips thrusting against her belly – no, not her belly – Siobhan’s. She scrambled out of the shower, bent double over the toilet and heaved the contents of her stomach. Ryan’s lips on Siobhan’s. Ryan’s hands on her sister’s breasts, stroking and teasing pink nipples. Ryan’s mouth tasting flesh that wasn’t hers. And her own hands arousing two bodies. She retched again, though there was nothing left to disgorge. She rinsed her mouth and stumbled back to bed, throwing herself on top of the rumpled sheets. Holy hell, what had happened last night?

-Gayle J. Greenlea

Born by Light
Born in Light
Born as ordained
With partial knowledge
With physical embodiment
Different from unknown expectations

Unknown visions then,unknown hatred
unknown love,unknown joys,sufferings
What epic freedom I seek?

If man is born free, what about woman?
Not born without man,but equal from the rib
neither high nor low, but equal-
Who then said weak? or frailty thy name is woman?
No frailty was ever a characteristic of one so fair-
Still what freedom do I seek?

Of history of past, of sacred of holy
respect regard honor hope and beauty
adornments blessings but ordained to cover
In cover is the honor,in cover is no slavery
Yet,fettered I feel
Disregarded I am
Ignored I stand
Abused I suffer
Shouted at I bleed
Raped, I die-
What epic freedom do I seek?

-Anjum Wasim Dar


First week – Beginnings – Day Three:

Dead leaf says to tree

“Did I leave or was I pushed?”

Natural process.

-Paul Brookes

Bios And Links

-Gayle J. Greenlea

is an American-Australian poet and counselor for survivors of sexual and gender-related violence. Her poem, Wonderland”, received the Australian Poetry Prod Award in 2011. She shortlisted and longlisted for the Fish Poetry Prize in 2013, and debuted her first novel, Zero Gravity, at the KGB Literary Bar in Manhattan in 2016. Her work has been published in St. Julian Press, Rebelle Society, A Time to Speak, Headline Poetry and Press, The Wombwell Rainbow, Fevers of the Mind, Kalonopia and The Australian Health Review.

-Anjum Wasim Dar

Born in Srinagar (Indian Occupied )Kashmir, Migrant Pakistani. Educated at St Anne’s Presentation Convent Rawalpindi. MA in English MA in History ( Ancient Indo-Pak Elective) CPE Cert. of Proficiency in English Cambridge UK. -Dip. TEFL AIOU Open Uni. Islamabad Pakistan. Writing poems articles and stories since 1980.Published Poet. Awarded Poet of Merit Bronze Medal 2000 USA .Worked as Creative Writer Teacher Trainer. Educational Consultant by Profession. Published Poet.Author of 3 Adventure Novels (Series) 7 Times Winner NANOWRIMO 2011- 2019.

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