#folktober. Ten. Today’s theme is “Standing Stones”. Broadening it out to all sacred landscapes. Broadening the theme, have you created any published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks about sacred landscapes ? I will feature all contributions on today’s blog.

Day Ten – standing stones

standing stone

From https://megalithix.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/standing-stone-hill/

The Standing Stone

I am just stood standing here. Don’t know why?
Folk gawk at me, as for a miracle.
Run their fingers through spirals chiselled by
someone who had a reason to channel

their beliefs into my solid body.
Probably same folk who quarried and moved
me here, raised me up here meaningfully.
Stone doesn’t hurt, doesn’t bleed. Pressured

into what I am. You make me something
special. Set me up for some strange
purpose. Once I must have had some meaning.
I find meaning in holding up the skies range.

I may topple over at some near time.
Till then I’m stood standing, a weathered sign.

-Paul Brookes

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