#folktober. Eleven. Today’s theme is “Jabberwock”, who features in a poem read by Alice Lewis Carroll’s “Through The Looking Glass, And What Alice Found There.” It is written in nonsense language. Broadening this theme, I will feature poems/artworks about invented creatures.

Day Eleven – Jabberwock


Jabberwocky by John Tenniel

The Hiddle-Diddle Hotchkin*

As twilight falls the Hotchkin zooms to earth
with punky rainbow spikes and bright red snout.
His spade paws dig down deep into the turf;
he buries dreams and later digs them out.
His eager scuffling wakes the cottage cat,
who slinks flat-bellied from her comfy bed;
on lynx-like paws she jumps straight through her flap
but Hiddle-diddle hides behind the shed.
Curled up into a ball he changes size,
becomes a huge full moon with jagged rim.
His periscope shoots out two spooky eyes –
no household pet would dare to mess with him!
He stays to guard his family through the night,
then scarpers hiddle-diddle at first light.

*Hotchkin is a Lincolnshire dialect word for hedgehog

-Margaret Royall

moon hedgehog by AnnestBlackheart by AnnestLurks by AnnestNightmare Bird by Annest

-All by Annest Gwilym from her collection “What The Owl Taught Me”.

A Jabberwock

Welcome, Welcome a frumly Jabberwock.
Put away your leptimous gronky blade.
Its harkless flames are spidgeons on umnous clock.
Mouth your impsy words flunty pullisades.

Welcome, Welcome a durkast Jabberwock.
Offer it afterswoon tea and lockly scones,
raise a swabbly glass to its fibblywock,
raise another to its true coddlemoan.

Lets celebrate one another’s jull,
in this grameless land where pomelders play
amongst sundblast and tough crockly mimples,
Sleep mafely in the grummidge of today.

Only when we grell of ourselves in horkly,
can we live gethertookness in borkly.

-Paul Brookes

Bios and Links

-Annest Gwilym

‘Author of two books of poetry: Surfacing (2018) and What the Owl Taught Me (2020), both published by Lapwing Poetry. Annest has been published in many literary journals and anthologies, both online and in print, and placed in several writing competitions, winning one. She is a nominee for Best of the Net 2021.’

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