#Batfest 28th August – 31st September. Seventh Day: 3rd. Honduran White Bat (The Tent Maker)/ General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos. First drafts always welcome. Please join Neal Zetter, Andrew Nightingale and myself in celebrating bats. I will feature your bat poems, artwork photography, and setting myself the challenge of writing a bat sonnet a day. Anybody written bat poems they would love me to feature on my blog? Please include an up to date, short, third person bio with your contribution. Here are the first eleven day themes: 28th Bats And Coronavirus/General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos, 29th Alcathoe bat/General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos, 30th. Mexican Free-tailed Bat (fastest mammal)/ General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos, 31. Barbastelle bat / General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos,1. Giant Golden-crowned Flying Fox (The Largest)/ General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos, 2. Bechstein’s bat / General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos,3. Honduran White Bat (The Tent Maker)/ General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos, 4. Brandt’s bat / General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos, 5. Ghost Bat (False Vampire)/ General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos 6. Brown long-eared bat / General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos, 7. Common pipistrelle bat / General Bat Poems/Artwork/Photos

Seventh Day – Honduran White Bat

Ectophylla_alba_Costa_Rica Honduran White Bat (The Tent Maker)

Ectophylla alba (honduran white bat) in Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica

Bats 2 by Neal Zetter

-Neal Zetter

how it feels to be a bat by Andrew Nightingale

-Andrew Nightingale

Honduran White Bat

Briefly stay in many leaf homes we make.
First our teeth cut holes on leaf underside,
our feet and thumbs grab hold, our thumbs pull, take
it downwards, break some leaf fibers, decide

to abandon it. Continue others.
I and three more stay with Him in one, two
Long Darknesses, then move to another.
I cut and reshape other homes. Blown through

by gust or damaged by heavy rain I
abandon. He often grooms himself, cuts
no work on our homes. Some groom and work. My
baby play shapes a broken leaf . Such

sharpen their making skills, use mouth and thumb.
Soon they will be shaping their own homespun.

-Paul Brookes

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