Russian Poetry

The High Window

Saint Basil’s Cathedral Cathedral, Moscow


I would like to thank Belinda Cooke for editing this supplement of Russian poetry for which she has provided all the translations. For many years now, Belinda’s translations and her own poems have been published widely in magazines. Most recently, she has published  an edition of Kulager, an epic poem by the Kazakh poet Ilias Jansugurov (Kazakh N.T. A., 2018) and Forms of Exile: Selected Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva(The High Window Press, 2019). She also played  a major role in co-ordinating and contributing translations to  Contemporary Kazakh Poetry (C.U.P, 2019). Her own poetry includes Stem (The High Window Press, 2019) and Days of the Shorthanded Shovelists forthcoming (Salmon Poetry).


The Silver Age of Russian Poetry

Western readers will already be familiar with giants of Russia’s Golden Age of Prose: Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Ivan Turgenev, but, perhaps, less so with…

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