Drop-in: imagery, confessionalism and ‘lying to tell the truth’ in the poetry of Anna Saunders.

Nigel Kent - Poet and Reviewer

I’m particularly delighted to welcome Anna Saunders today to talk about poems in her new collection, ‘Feverfew’.

When I studied for my MA (under the superb Irish poet, Nigel Mcloughlin, at The University of Gloucestershire) we presented a collection of poems and a critical analysis for our final dissertation. This selection of poems went onto be published as the book Struck (Pindrop Press 2014) and though it’s my latest book Feverfew (Indigo Dreams 2021) that I am talking about here, what I said then is still relevant now. In the essay I analysed my work in relation to the Confessional mode, and detailed how my work had been inspired / influenced by the genre birthed by Lowell, Plath and Sexton.

And, whereas I lean a little bit more to Imagism as a genre, than that of the more conversational mode of the true Confessionals, I had much in common with…

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