In response to #SarahEverard, have you written unpublished/published about the yourself and other women in fear of male violence. This is a platform for your voice to be heard. A poetic voice. A prose voice. Have you made artworks about male violence towards women. Please DM me, or send a message via my WordPress account.

Here are two poems from my, as yet unpublished pamphlet on domestic violence:


Kitchen door dented
where your ex flew off the handle
at the slightest.

Your ears attuned

to strange cars in the cul-de-sac.

open curtains, check.

You could not
 say his name for six months
 you told him to go.


Dumb-bell by her bedside.

Under her pillow baseball bat.
Knives on surfaces
lead poker on landing,
Knives sharp,
dumb-bell heavy
as stories of his holding
frying-pan above her head
to make his point,

He is here…
for her to be alone
to bring him out

-Paul Brookes

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