Stella Wulf: A Gascon Day

The High Window

I’m very pleased to announce that Stella Wulf, who along with her skills as an artist is also a gifted poet will be The High Window‘s new resident artist for 2021. I am very much looking forward to see what Stella will come up with. Here is a preview of what you can expect  in the spring issue.



An upstart breeze puffs over Monsieur Dubois’ potager,
licks at trusses of tomatoes, ruffles heads of lettuce,
chicanes the rows to blow at raspberries.

Bored with the apathy of legumes it wafts off
to tug beards of barley, tickle whiskers of wheat,
until the heat takes its breath away.

Hay bales, round and robust as a bon Madiran,
settle their bulging girths on a grassy divan,
slump woozily on spreading bottoms.

Cows muse under an awning of oak to the croak
of basking frogs – whisk…

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