Poetry: 2:01 A.M. by Angelo Letizia

Fevers of the Mind

The price of these memories
Is blood
Red like traffic lights
Refusing to change
Refusing to admit me on the highway
A lonely teacher
With no skin left
Or cells
No teeth
Just information
That his students need
Scooped like tuna fish
Or dirt
It diffuses
As perfume would
Clings to wrists
And necks
Begs to be let in
I pulse in the heart cables
Invisible currents
Surging through flesh
And imagination
Causing questions
I have finally transcended the skull
I have become

Angelo Letizia has been published (or is forthcoming) in a number of literary outlets including Tales from the Moonlit Path, Bewildering Stories, The Atlantean, Sirens Call, Red Planet, AHF Magazine and Bowery Gothic to name a few. I also have two books of poetry forthcoming with Silverbow press The Starry Devil and Other Unwanted Poems (2021) and The Pilgrims of Infinity (2022).

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