My 2010s Decade (Ongoing)

2013 Started The Wombwell Rainbow to publicise my photos and the work I was doing on my family history.

Researched the family history of the Lincolnshire Laurences for five years intensely whilst in full time work. I had hoped to have completed and published it before my dad died.

Luckily, I had a couple of articles published. One of them features the history of Laurence’s Family And Commercial Temperance Hotel, including it’s newsworthy clientele: thieves, madmen. First published in Liverpool Family History Magazine.

Another article features Doctor George Laurence and his publication of a book called “Psionic Medicine”

I plan a whole book about the voyages and life of Charles Teft Laurence, Merchant Mariner. His apprenticeship, rise to second in command, transcripts of each ship’s log. Here are extracts:



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