Geographies 2020

Wonderful idea

IceFloe Press

Beginning in January 2020:

A new curated series by Robert Frede Kenter and Moira J. Saucer presents a series of invited writers and artists exploring the idea of Geographies at the end of one decade and the beginning of the next.

Geographies of self/ geographies of rupture/ geographies of the land/ geographies of the body (disabilities/scars/celebrations/ landscapes). cosmologies of the future/animal geographies/urban/rural cartographies and /or topographies/

cosmopolitan/neighborhoods and mountain ranges /interior geographies/ of silence/ geographies of malice/ geographies of love/ geographies of language / laughter/ largess and crisis / geographies beyond/outside binaries/ geographies of queerness

“Postcards from the Edge”. A digital collage by Robert Frede Kenter (c) 2019

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