The Shahanshahnameh, an epic poetry collection by Ahmad Tabrizi




Recently, the Ahmad Tabrizi’s Shahanshahnameh has been edited for the first time by the editors, Mahshid Gohari kakhki and Javad Rashki, and published in December 2018 in Iran by Mahmoud Afshar Foundation & Sokhan publication.

In the Mongolian and Timurid era, writing the historical books flourished in Iran, and a large number of historical poems were composed in this period of time. The “Shahanshahnameh”, an epic-historical poetry, composed by Ahmad Tabrizi, is one of the collections written in the Sultan Abu Said’s court (8th century A.H.). In this poetry book, the stories of Genghis Khan, his ancestors and his successors have been narrated. The Shahanshahnameh, which was written in the style of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, consists of 16,419 verses. This book has edited for the first time and published in december 2018 in Iran.

The only available copy of the Shahanshahnameh is kept in a single collection along with three other…

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